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KoonkBuddy is going to make the operations of your enterprise optimised. We know how to save your money and make sure that you are working efficiently.

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KoonkBuddy has been developed by seasoned entrepreneurs and experts who know how to go about building business without losing out on money to third party vendors for certain processes. We have handrafted modules that will work wonders for your enterprise. We come with APIs.

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We are going to move you onto Cloud,in an economical manner with a kickass support.


Enterprise Emailing with a certain twist.


Miniature DIY Computer Kit

Task Management

Task Management for your team,yes,there is a Scrum Board,too.

Invoice Management

Invoices should not be that hard and accountants are expensive. Save with this module!

E-wallet/Work Buddy Cards

Incentivise targets,give an e-wallet.!

Virtual Meetings

In this day and age,a product that allows you to collaborate in real time.


You can send notifications to any and all stake holders in the enterprise.

These are more targeted at Educational Institues


Keep an eye on your premises.

GPS For Vehicles

Track your vehicles.

Basic/Exciting Modules

Many more are under development. Ask our Rep,today!

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