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Koonk was registered as a firm in 2011 by Mohit Madan and Tarusha Mittal. The idea behind Koonk was simple- to make technology accessible by adding innovation to everyday life.

Mohit spearheaded the technology aspect and Tarusha took care of Operations. The company has delved in the startup space since then and have dabbled with projects that have been a success,as well as,a failure.

They have known each other since they were 7 years old and have been working together for over 7 years,as of 2016. Between them,they have an experience of over 15 years in entrepreneurship.

What started as a hyper local logistic and delivery platform in Dehradun has come very far,now. They started with DoonConnect and post that,worked on Fanshala,which basically allowed users to encash their popularity on FB. It was a humongous success,so much so that they had to deploy their own hardware. This is where serendipity struck,Fanshala had to shut down as it was infringing upon the FUP of Facebook and they were left some experience,moolah and the hardware.

The hardware was handcrafted by them and they bootstrapped a Data Centre- a Green one,at that and called it Cloudbells. Cloudbells was a success too,they broke even within the first 6 months but as time passed,they realised that it was becoming difficult to manage and scale the venture because, a) The world was moving to Cloud and b)It was way too support intensive.

This is when they decided to build a Cloud platform and they christened it Cloudrino. Cloudrino has garnered over 95K users in under 10 months of its launch without the firm having spent a dime on marketing. Cloudrino falls in the top 1% of the fastest growing Cloud and Hosting companies of the world. They have 4 nodes,as of May 2016. All the Data Centres under Cloudrino are Tier 3 and above.

Cloudrino helps SMEs,startups and enterprises in easing cloud solution and infrastructure deployment.

The firm has 2 mentors- Ajeet Khurana and Dr. Ajay Data- to whom they are ever grateful.

The team is lean- with 5 people in all but expansion is happening in the team,as you read this. There are some remote employees,as well.

Koonk also has an enterprise mailing platform under its helm called, MailTroop.

They have a virtual and physical presence in Delhi(Okhla and Kailash Colony),Pune,Jaipur,UK,USA and Australia.

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