Core Team

Tarusha Mittal
The COO and the Mad Hatter Generalist of the team. Troubleshooter. Takes care of Operations and Mobile Development. She is an alum of La Martiniere Girls' College and has pursued CS along with being armed with a degree in Humanities. She has been working in the startup space for 8 years,now (2016). Has worked on a local lifestyle magazine before moving to technology with Koonk. She brings forth the best possible amalgamation of the amazing Humanities to the Technology aspect of the firm. She keeps adding new feathers to her hat- writer,techie and generalist. She was also a part of the Startup Leadership Program.
Mohit Madan
Hardcore Coder and the Techie behind the endeavour that is Koonk. He is a creator and innovator,by heart. Been an entrepreneur for 6 years,now- in 2016. He has worked on several portal under the Koonk banner. He is a UPES college dropout and an alumni of Apeejay School. He has been ethical hacker since his teenage years and has been felicitated by IIT-B and IIT-D for the same. Under his leadership Koonk was a part of the TechStars program.
Ajeet Khurana
Chief Mentor
The Mentor and Yoda to whom we go running to when things get out of hand. He was the chairman of IIT Bombay's SINE (Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship) and is an Angel Investor,Mentor and a Star of the Startup Community in India.
Dr.Ajay Data
Tech Mentor
Mr Ajay Data, MD Data Infosys Limited, is most sought after leader for mentoring, technology guidance and motivating entrepreneurs, is Founder of 1st ISP of Rajasthan, TIE & EO (Entrepreneurs Organisation).
Irene,Watson and Google
Chief TLC Officers
Irene,Watson and Goo- our Chief TLC(Tender Loving Care) Officers. We are very pet friendly,most of the time,our affinity is way more towards furry babies. Our furry babies are always there for a hug,kiss or a cuddle. For their actual picture- it is so tough to get all of them in a frame- check out their kickass instagram account.